Merry Vegas Christmas

It had the makings of a good trip right off the bat when I spotted a gaggle of Marian girls and Miss Mo at the airport. I briefly thought about running up and saying hi but then realized it had been about 20 years and a whole lot of girls had passed through those halls and since most of those girls at the airport probably weren’t even born since I had graced those halls with my presence, I didn’t feel the need to embarrass myself. So off to the gate we went.

Something new I noticed on our Southwest flight was the beefing up in the snack department. Not only did we get peanuts, but also some breakfast biscuits. I guess they figure if you’re flying to Vegas that early, you need some sustenance. Good call Southwest.

We decided to try out a new hotel and stay at the Linq. Great, central location and near some good gambling spots such as the Flamingo and Harrahs’s. We actually forgot to bring any gambling money (that’s embarrassing to admit) but fortunately, I had scrounged up $60 looking though various purses before the trip.

I spotted a Betty White slot and immediately made a mad dash towards it. It seems only natural considering my Christmas this year was surrounded by both giving and receiving Gold Girls merch. Betty did not disappoint. Thanks Betty!

My only mishap of the day was a Monopoly machine. We were doing great on it until Scott had to go to the bathroom. Fortunately, the machine was right outside the bathroom so he didn’t have to go far. He walked away and I kept on winning. So I figured I’d just cash out when he came back and we’d go on our merry way. But he didn’t come right back so I kept on pressing buttons. He still didn’t come back. Quite some time had passed and I was anxiously looking at every person that came out of that bathroom. Still no Scott. I couldn’t tell you how long he was in that bathroom but it was the equivalent of $230. Eeek.

Despite that mishap, that $60 lasted us all day. And if you know how much Scott and I love to gamble, you know how far that stretched.

We did our traditional dinner at Gordon Ramsay Steak because we love beef Wellington (it looked and tasted much better than my picture portrays) and cannot find it anywhere in Omaha. We also proceeded to eat something from each part of the menu to which our server at the end of the meal said “you did good.” Mission accomplished.

Day 2 brought us downtown to gamble a little more old school. I hit big on the Flintstones slot, but not so much after that. After hitting most all casinos down there and getting my free play at each one, we headed back to gear up for our evening show, LOVE.

I’d been wanting to see LOVE for many years, but unless I plan ahead of time, I’m never in the mood to see a show once I’m in the city and surrounded by machines that are calling my name. For some reason, most of the Cirque du Solei shows freak me out. Not that I’ve ever seen one, but it’s just that mind game. The only reason I wanted to see LOVE is because I’m a huge Beatles fan and it did not disappoint.

It was an amazing show and flew by since you’re jamming along to the music and so fixated on all the activity going on. One guy did freak me out as his arms were moving in all sorts of ways that seem painful, but other than that, it was more awe inspiring than freakish. I’d highly recommend this show to anyone going to Vegas.

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