Kith & Kin – Give it a Spin

It’s no secret that we are Dundee fan girls (well a girl and a boy).  But usually, we stick to our old haunts – Pitch, Marks, Avoli. But tonight, we tried something new. Mainly because I had a business lunch at Pitch today so I thought it may be weird to go twice in the same day. Scott thought we should do it anyway but once we started walking, it was so humid that we had to stop at the first place we came across, so Kith and Kin it was. (Even though Pitch is right across the street). I’ve been a little apprehensive to try this place because I don’t really feel a connection to southern food. So our plan was simple. Roll in, get one drink, order an appetizer, cool off and meander to one of our regular hot spots.

We sat down, decided on an app and then were greeted by the man with the big red beard. (Kind of like curious George and the man in the yellow hat). I had a hankering for my vodka martini but only if blue cheese olives could be produced. It was a great sigh of relief when I asked if they had them and he didn’t hesitate to say they could make them. The next thing I knew, he was coming out of the kitchen with a ramekin of cheese. I so appreciate that it wasn’t a fight. Some places have both the cheese and the olives but are apprehensive about combining them on their own. Thank god because the only way I’ll drink a martini is when you show me the olives.

He next told us that bottles of wine were 1/2 off. Uncanny for a Thursday so that was sign number one that we should stay. Then he recommended an appetizer, the Gulf Shrimp. One that I never would think to order. But he insisted that it was the best. So we did it and then proceeded to order three additional apps. We were now settling in.

By this time, we were in too deep. We were there for the night.  Fried green tomatoes, cornbread and crab cakes rounded out the starters. Scott was mostly excited for the cornbread but for some reason, it didn’t quite hit the spot for him.  Don’t get me wrong, it was still good and we’ll probably give it another try to make sure it wasn’t an off night. Gulf shrimp though was the star of the evening.  Picture not shown below because we were so excited to start eating that I forgot to snap a picture. Man in the big red beard didn’t steer us wrong.

It was pleasantly better than we anticipated and definitely a place we’d go back to. And in great part due to the man with the big red beard.

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